Performing together with you! Together with you we get your organization to step up its game and together we effectively improve the performance of teams, professionals and leaders.

As an organization coach, we focus on the intermediate area between coaching, consulting and training. The core of our support focusses on the force field between personal development and organizational development.

The organization coach – just like a management consultant – looks at the organization as a whole and thereby focuses not only on visible processes of the organization, but – just like a coach – also on the interaction between the current and under current within the organization. We facilitate – just like a trainer – learning processes within the organization with practical and action-oriented interventions that encourage new ways of working within the organization and renewal of the organization itself.

We connect with different groups (communities) within the organization and how they give meaning to what is happening or should happen in the organization: within the management, within the teams, but also between teams and with individuals. What are the drives of people to do what they do, what is the benefit of it, what is the – possibly fixed – pattern that it creates in the greater whole?

In this way we help each team member understand what his or her contribution is to the income that is generated by the work each and all perform and thus improve the entire business performance.

Performance is tailor-made, but here are eight examples from a range of possibilities.

Perform together with:

Akiva is a member of the
Dutch Association for Professional Coaches (NOBCO) and the
European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and follows
the Global Code of Ethics (GCE).
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