Robert Versteeg

What I am

Business savvy manager with a focus on business operations, building organizational capabilities and driving talent & team performance based on data driven decision making.

What I am working on

Working in support of leadership in organizations, helping them making better decisions about talent, market and business performance, that’s what I do. I do this by supporting them with relevant data points, functional expertise and leading teams into performance.

Specific skills sets comprise out of Organizational Development with focus on talent & business performance and operations; building organizational capabilities: business process improvement (operational excellence) and business development, talent acquisition, talent assessment (psychometrics), leadership development, talent development. Private Sector Development (SME Domain, IDEA). Human Resources Management incl. HR & organization transformation (EMEA workplace) and Human Resources Development (global workplace).

How I am educated

After completing a Human Resources bachelor at Christian University of Applied Sciences Ede I followed various management and HR application studies. I then completed the Intermediate Staff & Command College at the Netherlands Defence Academy. Later at TIAS School for Business and Society, I have completed the Executive Master’s Program (MSc) Management & Organization and have immersed myself in the organizational challenges of today and tomorrow.

How I got trained

Since 1992 I have been working in national and international HR and management positions in Profit, Public, Education, Care and Charity organizations. A career from HR via Management and Consultancy to Business Management, where my focus is on developing organizations and their leadership, talent and management.

25+ years in consultancy & interim management improved my organizational- & function think as well as my analytical skills. Self-employement helps me focus on customer demand for result & ROI. Working diverse and international workplaces helps me being organizational sensitive.

What I do more: second life

I have also been trained as a reserve officer in the armed forces. With the rank of lieutenant colonel with the Royal Netherlands Army, I am currently working as a strategic advisor at 1CMI Commando being involved in private sector development in civil-military cooperation. I have been deployed four times. I am currently counseling the complex cooperation within the framework of the total forces concept between various logistics service providers and the armed forces.

My work often takes place in an international work environment in which the daily business language is English or German.

As a non-executive board member in youth welfare and especially in primary education, since 2004 I have been working on the professionalization of the quality of balancing powers with the executive board in an increasingly complex educational workspace in which the pupil can remain central. Mergers, inter-organizational cooperation and large-scale housing have been important themes in this.

"If you do not want what you have, do not do what you did”.
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