Robert Versteeg

What I am

Business savvy manager with a focus on business operations, building organizational capabilities and driving talent & team performance based on data driven decision making.

How I got trained

After completing an HR bachelor at Christian University of Applied Sciences Ede I followed various management and HR application studies. At TIAS School for Business and Society, I completed the Executive Master’s Program (MSc) Management & Organization immersing myself in the organizational challenges of today and tomorrow.

25+ years in consultancy & (interim) management improved my organizational- & function think as well as my analytical skills. Self-employement helps me focus on customer demand for result & ROI. Working diverse and international workplaces helps me being organizational sensitive.

Specific skills comprise of Organizational Development with focus on talent & business performance operations; building organizational capabilities: business process improvement (operational excellence) and business development, talent acquisition, talent assessment (psychometrics), leadership development, talent development. Private Sector Development (SME Domain, IDEA). HR Management incl. HR & organization transformation (EMEA workplace) and HR Development (global workplace).

Second life

Trained as a reserve officer in the armed forces with the rank of major Royal Netherlands Air Force, I currently work as a senior advisor at 1CMI Command being involved in private sector development in civil-military cooperation. I have been deployed four times.

As a non-executive board member in youth welfare and in primary education, since 2004 I have been working on the professionalization of the quality of balancing powers with the executive board in an increasingly complex educational workspace. Mergers, inter-organizational cooperation and large-scale housing have been important themes in this.

"If you do not want what you have, do not do what you did”.
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