Interim Management

Interim Management

Temporary support in operating business

Sometimes you need extra reinforcement as an organization; interim management can be a suitable solution for a temporary situation, such as strong growth of your organization or the start-up of a new activity or takeover, but also in case of (un)expected reorganization, to bridge the filling of a vacancy or in case of illness or for smoothing a project. In any case, the interim manager can always be a coach for the current management.


  • Team and project or process at ease
  • Your energy as an business owner, director again focused on what is needed
  • New energy to people and processes
  • Insight, oversight and overview

For whom

Deployment of an interim manager is for everyone

  • Who needs implementation support managing and supporting a team and tot increase team members knowledge and experience
  • Who needs design support in finding areas of improvement in general or discipline-specific areas
  • Who wants to implement specific policy, for example in the context of temporary projects next to current business processes, a reorganization or restructuring
  • Who wants overview through accurate management reporting and possibly the annual statement
  • Who wants to gain insight into a certain situation in the organization, for example to break through distorted relationships and ones own business blindness
  • Who wants to temporarily boost labor productivity, for example due to increasing demand

Working method

Call out, carry out, reflect, listen, integrate. That is the way we approach the business situation you want us to cover.

We’ll make sure your objectives incl. your intent are on the table as it generates clarity. In the execution we focus on the business operation through data-driven decision making, strengthening the performance and creating lasting organizational capabilities.

By reflecting on what goes well and what not and by listening to the ideas of the people of the workplace while in process, we integrate the new with the existing. This way we improve the talent & team performance.

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