Human Resources

Human Resources

Deploying human capital without headaches.

“I wish you a lot of staff”, usually is not a blessing. Yet it is possible: deploy human capital without headaches. With human resources consultancy and support we help to deploy the labor factor in such a way that it contributes to your company’s objectives and at the same time motivates your employees in a sustainable way.


  • Organizing best in class talent strategies – hiring, onboarding, developing, retention and people planning – aimed at the sustainable use of talent
  • The five basic HR processes working properly:
    • Talent Administation: p-data processing & reporting
    • Talent Acquisition: recruitment, selection, labor market acumen
    • Talent Management: job profiles, assessing, force ranking and retaining talent
    • Talent Development: training, education, study costs policy
    • Terms of employment & remuneration: hr policies, salary grade tables incl. salary benchmark, social security and employment contracts incl. need for performance improvement and dismissal.

For whom

For organizations with an HR department and for organizations without. For the business owner, director, manager, management team or HR leader who wants his HR to understand their impact from a business perspective. An HR function that is in support of the business and the achievement of its goals.

Working method

Creating access to talent and give talent access to market! We help with substantiated solutions to HR questions from leaders in business.

Let’s do that …
… by taking your business as a starting point, not the HR profession
… by taking initiative and working at the relevant business level.
… by not pointing out what is wrong, but coming up with a workable proposal

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